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Mezuzah Shin Haffuch

Sale price$70.00

size: 3.94" H x 0.98" W X 0.51" D

Scroll not included.

Made in Australia 

Weaving is almost too obvious a metaphor for Ruth Shteinman’s world, in which the natural environment, a love of hand work and a deep interest in textures intertwine. Ruth’s art career began in two dimensions, with drawing and collage; then she began adding clay and weaving, forming a repertoire in which techniques of basketry, tapestry, macramé and ceramics frictionlessly overlap.

In her rooftop studio among the treetops of her palm garden she works at translating material at hand into objects. Undistracted by debates about idiom, category or supposed distinctions between craft and art she is comfortable with a client’s casual description of her work - “utilitarian expressionism.”

Mezuzah Shin Haffuch
Mezuzah Shin Haffuch Sale price$70.00