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Anne Frank "Nobody Need Wait" CandleAnne Frank "Nobody Need Wait" Candle
Gold Shema Necklace on chainGold Shema Necklace on chain
Handmade Rosewood Jewelry BoxHandmade Rosewood Jewelry Box
Handmade Rosewood Jewelry Box Sale price$3,500.00
Ani L'Dodi Bracelet
Ani L'Dodi Bracelet Sale price$50.00
Anne Frank "Pluck Roses" CandleAnne Frank "Pluck Roses" Candle
Star 2 Chain Bracelet - SilverStar 2 Chain Bracelet - Silver
Anne Frank "Pluck Roses" Candle (Small)Anne Frank "Pluck Roses" Candle (Small)
Matches - Butterfly Specimens
Matches-Colette Graphic
Matches-Colette Graphic Sale price$5.00
Small Ceramic Hamsa with PomegranateSmall Ceramic Hamsa with Pomegranate
Small Blue Ceramic HamsaSmall Blue Ceramic Hamsa
Small Blue Ceramic Hamsa Sale price$18.00
Reflective Frame - 8x10
Reflective Frame - 8x10 Sale price$136.50
Molten Candlesticks
Molten Candlesticks Sale price$159.00
Black Orchid Candlesticks
Black Orchid Candlesticks Sale price$250.00
Shema Israel Pendant in SilverShema Israel Pendant in Silver
Geometric Hamsa PendantGeometric Hamsa Pendant
Geometric Hamsa Pendant Sale price$48.00
Camaraderie Necklace
Camaraderie Necklace Sale price$325.00
Legacy Necklace
Legacy Necklace Sale price$175.00