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Freud Sculpture

Sale price$16,000.00

Professor Sigmund Freud is shown in his 60th year when his reputation was at its height. The chair in its very suggestive female form, is based on the one professor had used at his writing desk. A mouse is an attribution to his very first patient, who was very afraid of mice. The Greek figure with the mask and the inscription on its base Know thyself alludes to Freud’s study of Greek mythology and its incorporation into his theories. Dr. Jung, by whom professor felt deeply betrayed, is found at the back. The Ten Commandments represent Freud’s fascination with Moses The Law Giver and with Mosaic Law, the inhibitions and constraints of which were at the roots of his work. The Cigar has no significance, as Freud insists, sometimes a cigar is just a Cigar!

 Handmade. Limited Edition.

Official Frank Meisler Gallery brand exclusive certificate of authenticity.

 Metal Alloys with silver/gold plated elements. Marble base.

Freud Sculpture
Freud Sculpture Sale price$16,000.00